Adrienne Wilkinson 71

Adrienne Wilkinson

as i look on the vastness of it

the urge is to pull the thread from the tapestry
the urge is to fish that twine
to hook into the meat of it
and watch it unravel

the plunging and pulling of my finger
in the blue

I confess I wanted to destroy it

it says: I bear witness
it’s there in writing

I am at the confessional
I  am at the police station
I am the girlfriend on the park bench 
having that conversation I don’t want to have –

I am overcome with thoughts of unweaving

to peel away each layer of it
to watch the blue sky disappear in threadlines

leaving red dashes of jumping figures


to the canvas.

Adrienne Wilkinson is a writer living in Manchester, UK. She won the George Gissing Prize from the Manchester School of Arts, Language and Cultures and was shortlisted for Joyce-cycle in association with Poetry Ireland. She is interested in the formation of class, desire and health both on the body and in language. She is a scorpio. Tweets @adr_______.