Sarah Dawson 72

Sarah Dawson

Look at my skinless tomatoes!

Look at my skinless tomatoes! I look disabled (you are disabled) with pith in all my pockets, mostly for a sentimental reason. I am AWAKE Thinkingm… what is that? I’m being a little bit selfish, not feeling very well, Sarah, I’m dying twice. They think you’re being morbid - you’re hurting the four skinless tomatoes. They’re putting their clothes on, but they need Jane to help them. Why won’t it work? When everyone who remembers her has flown over the equator. I look old, longing for my oranges. I see the sea when everyone who remembers her dies, a little bit close together. My skin under my coat dies twice, making people uncomfortable. I’m sorry for being so morbid, I need Jane to help me. Well done on finding comfort being morbid. They say that the trees are Thinkingm that they were butterflies. I’m dying, cut the umbilical cord! It carried a whole potato, longing to find comfort in the sea. Why won’t my skin find comfort? She managed to squeeze some oranges, (you’re hurting him, not feeling sorry for the pith). I’m not feeling very sorry for my skinless tomatoes – they say I’m dying. What is it that you’re saying sorry for? I managed to feel sorry for four skinless tomatoes. One of the first people to feel sorry for Sarah, carried away by the high tide. Why won’t the sea cut the umbilical cord? Her children say that everybody dies twice, they think I’m being selfish. I’m longing to feel sorry for everyone dying twice. I’m sorry for longing for a farm of my own, for my own particular oranges. One of the first rooms to have been carried away, a whole potato past its best. Not feeling longing, what is that? It won’t work on purpose, when she’s pointing at it with her stick. For a sentimental skin, I look old. The trees are longing for my skin.

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Sarah Dawson @sarahkdawson is working on an interconnected non-series of performances, texts and drawings that attempt to articulate haunting. She often devises one-off performances for events – videos of past performances can be accessed from her website Her work has been published in Datableed, HVTN, para-text and Burning House Press, and exhibited at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, (the public art gallery of the University of Leeds). She co-organises the LGBT experimental poetry night Theatre of Failure.