Oliver Tong

Ollie Tong

In conclusion, I have adopted it

The wisdom received
tells how
it is down
to my frame the furniture
to tell it over
now, correct me
if two
if Lego bricks fixed together
would we
or with this
discreet tower of
potential height
claim the age of something ageing
not a houseful of blankets, not sure enough
the handshake perhaps
later sure
later enough
we might climb
the timber, compromising
my position, my sense is that :
it is discreet
tall — potentially                                                        
kneading out
and not about to
mean that
one edge or the other
therefore is
a Mobius strip
the base of the pyramid
the same irregular woodwind solo :
well, what the hell do I know?
the symptom in the sequence
is one you don’t
which is
you don’t come around here any
not any
oh it is so
isn’t it?
(on the wind a murmur
startles a backdraft)
and will we ever
say it with me simply
call : a discreet tower
response : of some potential height

Ollie Tong grew up in Cardiff, and currently lives in Edinburgh.