M T Taylor 69

M T Taylor


Neanderthal Exhibit #43  Little Mother and Child

            above his opening eyes
            she traced
            proud twin arches
                        and further back
                        her fingers found
            his fontanelle.
            beneath the membrane
            a ripple
            its rhythm beating
                        in syncopation
                        to her heart
            this soundless timpanum
            the place
            where bone should knit
            to complete
            his little calvary. 

In a no-sky place
where wind once blew
through griffonā€™s wings

 her lips closed
on his brief and silent pulse.

MT Taylor has worked in Fife, Aberdeenshire, and Edinburgh. She now lives in Glasgow. Her work has appeared in Northwords Now, The Glasgow Review of BooksInk Sweat and Tears, The Lake, Algebra of Owls and other places. She has four children who still talk to her, and she still interrupts.