Litschel 70

Yvonne Litschel


a reliance on siagonology the study
of jaw bones its definitive edges somehow
secondary tonation in ink the perspective of
the outside shell as you would see something
that is horizontal as you would see
it differently in depth negative space
carapace somehow seen from above
this maybe doesn’t fit with that though
touches of things reminiscent translucency
ebbing sewn constraint morsicant means
pinning needles needless wings the
shoulder curve in its lean idealism
I want to reveal things, I do

Yvonne Litschel is a writer from Cambridgeshire, England. Previously she has read as part of the European Poetry Festival. Her debut pamphlet Moth Dust was published in January 2018 by Sampson Low. She has a forthcoming pamphlet entitled Immurement set for release in March 2019 with Broken Sleep Books. @yvlischel