Iris Colomb 70

listen in / to see it sting / stuck breathless

Iris Colomb



reach for hatch
and try to call
strain spilling up
the rip
listen in
to see it sting
stuck breathless
in the pour
call it fog
and smother laugh
as full secretion
whistles down
hatch to call
still stuck
till' ground
swings free
and leaves it


lighthouse flash
to little heap
burst in haze
behind the glass
weigh hesitant
edge swelter wide
get in the car
somewhere to sink
a distant beat
around the block
without a word
to multiply
lighthouse to sink
behind the heap
beat in the haze
the only ten
and barely half
to handle wake

Iris Colomb is an artist, poet, curator, editor, and translator based in London. She has given individual, collaborative and interactive performances at a range of events in both the UK and France. Her pamphlet I'm Shocked came out with Bad Betty Press in 2018. Her poems have also appeared in magazines such as 3:AM, Erotoplasty, Tentacular, Zarf, and Datableed, as well as in a number of UK anthologies.

Iris has been a resident artist and poet at the Centre For Recent Drawing, she is now the Co-Editor of HVTN Press, and a founding member of the interdisciplinary collective 'No Such Thing'. Her artist books have been collected and exhibited by the National Poetry Library.