Catherine Faulds 72

Catherine Faulds

sable to labrador

sable bass clarinet
sombre oil spill
invisible chocolate
impenetrable taxi
gruesome dust
stygian velvet
blind creosote
ignorant fog
bleak tarmac
evil ink
dirty charcoal
secret soot
veiled liquorice
opaque labrador

This is one of a series of poems that are the result of asking people from various disciplines and countries for their words for dark in preparation for a mixed media presentation at a conference in 24-hour winter darkness on Svalbard.

Catherine Faulds is a poet and artist who finds inspiration in cold places. She has travelled to the Antarctic and, recently, to the Arctic. She has been short-listed or highly commended in many competitions and published in journals and anthologies and her pamphlet Decoding the Dark will be published by Three Sheds Press next year.